The markets in which Hadimpro is active

Hadimpro are independent consultants providing expert services in the field of (heavy) lifting, hoisting, rigging and specialized transport fully dedicated to her client’s needs from the following markets.

Oil and gas industry

During construction as well as during maintenance, the oil and gas industry is facing the biggest challenges in (heavy) lifting, hoisting, rigging and specialised transport.


The petrochemical industry requires fully engineered, efficient and cost-effective transportation and installation solutions for the handling of critical items of process plant and equipment.

Process industry

Industries as mining, steel manufacturing, cement, automotive, paper and pulp all require custom engineered lifting, rigging and hoisting solutions for their production process.

Power generation

From factory to foundation: boilers, turbines, generators, condensors, transformers need to be transported to the construction site and shifted, lifted and hoisted in final position.

Wind Energy

Onshore as well as offshore, the construction phase is heavily depending on cranes. Chosing the optimum solution will save time and money.


Hoisting seems to be associated with "high up in the air". The offshore industry however is facing challenges with hoisting to depths well over 3.000 metres.

EPC contractors

Safe and efficient transport and lifting solutions, especially when complex technical challenges are involved, for large, heavy, critical or sensitive plant equipment are essential.

Civil construction

Involving Hadimpro in an early stage improves safety and aids the successful construction, transport and installation of critical and heavy infrastructure while minimizing disruption.

Commercial construction

Construction of hospitals, office buildings, hotels, stadiums and ware houses are increasingly demanding with regards to (heavy) lifting, hoisting and specialised transport. 

Heavy steel industry

Production of steel, transporting the steel, transferring it into sheet rolls or beams for the heavy steel construction industry, erecting heavy steel components: cranes are needed in every stage.

Personal injury lawyers

Lifting and hoisting accidents can cause major property damage but also serious injury, and even death. Crane injury lawyers shall do whatever possible to find the root cause.


Caused by the high risks involved things can go wrong! Nearly always having a huge impact and causing damage, injuries or even worse. This is the moment insurers get involed.

  • Lifting


    Lifting is an activity during which the load is lifted in a controlled and guided manner, normally spoken from the bottom of the load, e.g. by means of a Fork Lift Truck, screw jack, rack jack, hydraulic jack, toe jack, lifting bag, etc.

  • Rigging


    Moving a load horizontally, vertically or at other angles and possibly through different floor levels, by use of different lifting and hoisting equipment. Lifting and hoisting equipment being divided in lifting and hoisting appliances versus lifting and hoisting accessories.

  • Hoisting


    Hoisting is an activity during which the load is suspended and hangs freely, e.g. by means of one or more crane, chain hoist, lever hoist, hoisting portal, beam clamp, winch, floating sheer leg, strand jack hoisting system, etc.

  • Specialized transport

    Specialized transport

    Transport of heavy, abnormal and oversized objects by means of specialised transport equipment such as Self Propelled Modular Transporters (so-called SPMT), conventional modular and multi axle transporters, skidding techniques, heavy industrial roller sets and heavy duty roller skates based on endless chain techniques.