Competence through training and education

We support our clients with a full complement of Managed Training Services including content development, delivery of third party programs and vendors, delivery of proprietary training programs, and management of learning technology. Our flexible and scalable service suite includes curriculum design and custom content development, learning delivery, learning administration, strategic sourcing, and learning technology. We provide these services with a strict focus on (heavy) lifting, hoisting, rigging and specialised transport in whatever combination is most useful for our clients. Wherever in the world you or your personnel may be, chances are, Hadimpro can provide your desired training not far away. Our worldwide network of instructors and a best-in-class training providers network help us provide unmatched global scale training service. We provide a comprehensive global delivery model for the full range of (heavy) lifting, hoisting, rigging and specialised transport functional roles and job titles. One of the main advantages of outsourcing learning and development in this way is being able to secure a professional bespoke training programme which is related to your business’s unique needs. Many businesses that choose to opt for outsourced learning and development also often comment on how favourably the cost compares with trying to secure good training staff and resources in-house. We can carry out in-depth analyses for whole organisations or teams to identify organisational and individual training needs.

Master Classes and training Appointed Person

Learn all there is to know about lifting and hoisting operational procedures and improve the safety of lifting and hoisting operations with your own company specific operational procedures! Our hands-on three day Master Class will provide attendees with an understanding of how to set-up, roll-out and audit their company specific lifting and hoisting procedures. The Master Class will deliver tools, templates and insight that will allow participants to immediately improve on safety and begin implementation within their organization/firm. As per ISO 12480-1: Cranes Safe Use, the Appointed Person is one competent person who has overall control of the crane operation and acts on behalf of the management requiring the load to be moved (the employing organisation). Within the international oil & gas industry, this person quite often is referred to as Person In Charge. The aim of our in house developed training is to provide candidates with underpinning knowledge in order for them to understand the role and responsibility of the Appointed Person. Following successful completion of the course candidates will be able to identify and implement safe systems of work for lifting operations and hold responsibility for the safety as well as compliance with regulations during lifting operations.

Training and education - Standards and certification

The term “certification” is often used rather loosely. Generally, it means that some organisation is willing to state that an individual is capable of performing a specific task to that organisation’s standards. Just as with crane certification, however, the process is relatively meaningless if the standard that is being certified to is not stringent enough, or is flawed in some other way. There are varying governmental requirements throughout the world for operating a lifting and hoisting appliance, e.g. a crane, and many countries have statutes requiring that operators be licensed. This means the government is verifying that an individual has met the standards, which it deems necessary for competent lifting and hoisting operation. Remember that certification, in fact, is only as good as the process by which it was created, as well as the certification expertise of the organization offering it. The key here is to remember that “certification” is not necessarily synonymous with “skill” or “competence”. Whatever your job title or functional role in (heavy) lifting, hoisting, rigging and specialised transport Hadimpro can supply you the optimal training or education. Be it OPITO, API or LEEA approved training, country specific requirements such as the Dutch TCVT or European ECOL, or required as per industry association, we will make sure your personnel holds widely accepted certificates, thus making sure you get value for money.

You can contact us for training and education of the following functions:

  • Technical Authority
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Rigging Engineer
  • Integrated Transport and Heavy Lift Project Manager
  • Heavy Lift Project Manager
  • Heavy Lift Supervisor
  • Offshore Heavy Lift Supervisor
  • Offshore and Subsea Procedure Developer and Liftplan reviewer
  • Crane and Transport Supervisor
  • Appointed Person – Person in Charge – Competent Person
  • Health and Safety Supervisor specialized in Hoisting and Lifting
  • Auditor on Procedure Compliance
  • Consultant for Incident Investigation
  • Assessor
  • Crane and Rigging Coach
  • Trainer - Instructor
  • Crane Coordinator
  • Hoisting and Lifting Equipment Inspector
  • Hoisting, Lifting and Specialized Transport Engineer
  • Tower Crane Operator (saddle/luffing jib)
  • Pedestrian Tower Crane Operator
  • Mobile Tower Crane Operator
  • Mobile Crane Operator
  • Crawler Crane Operator
  • Lattice Boom Heavy Lift Crane Operator
  • Offshore Heavy Lift Crane Operator (1000 ton and above)
  • Offshore Pedestal Crane Operator
  • Offshore Knuckle Boom Crane Operator
  • Offshore Subsea Crane Operator
  • Pile Driving Crane Operator
  • Side Boom Crane Operator
  • Overhead Travelling Crane Operator
  • Heavy Haulage Driver / Exceptional Transport Driver
  • Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) Operator
  • Gin Pole Truck Operator
  • Winch Truck Operator
  • Lifting


    Lifting is an activity during which the load is lifted in a controlled and guided manner, normally spoken from the bottom of the load, e.g. by means of a Fork Lift Truck, screw jack, rack jack, hydraulic jack, toe jack, lifting bag, etc.

  • Rigging


    Moving a load horizontally, vertically or at other angles and possibly through different floor levels, by use of different lifting and hoisting equipment. Lifting and hoisting equipment being divided in lifting and hoisting appliances versus lifting and hoisting accessories.

  • Hoisting


    Hoisting is an activity during which the load is suspended and hangs freely, e.g. by means of one or more crane, chain hoist, lever hoist, hoisting portal, beam clamp, winch, floating sheer leg, strand jack hoisting system, etc.

  • Specialized transport

    Specialized transport

    Transport of heavy, abnormal and oversized objects by means of specialised transport equipment such as Self Propelled Modular Transporters (so-called SPMT), conventional modular and multi axle transporters, skidding techniques, heavy industrial roller sets and heavy duty roller skates based on endless chain techniques.