The Hadimpro method

From the moment you contact us, our priority is to provide the best possible service and ensure that your needs and expectations are met. It is as important for us to understand your company and your goals as it is for you to be well informed on our approach and capabilities. Therefore, we aim to promote an open and efficient dialogue from the very inception of a project. This, to us, is the foundation of a good working relationship between any client and a service provider such as Hadimpro.

The Initial contact

  • Use our “contact us” form to email us and you will receive a rapid response, or
  • Call us during office hours. There is always a consultant present to answer your first questions
  • Members of our team regularly attend networking events and conferences around the world, and would be pleased to use that opportunity to schedule a meeting with you.

Next Step

  • Usually, after the initial contact, we would schedule a teleconference or face-to-face meeting, to discuss your needs in more detail and provide more detailed information on our organisation
  • It is most appropriate before such a teleconference or meeting to sign a CDA/NDA, so that confidential details of your project can be discussed
  • The benefit of the initial teleconference or meeting can be optimised if you provide us with background information in advance
  • Please note, however, that we do not expect to provide specific consulting services at the initial meeting, unless you specifically request this; nevertheless, during the teleconference or meeting, we would certainly aim to demonstrate our suitability as consultants for your project.

The proposal stage
Once we have had an opportunity to assess your needs and if you wish to proceed in further discussions with Hadimpro, we will prepare a dedicated proposal, providing details of the task(s) involved, the scope, expected turnaround time and milestones, the level of support and the estimated cost. We recognise that the needs and budget of every client company are unique; therefore, we aim to submit a flexible, tailored solution to suit your specific requirements. The amount of input Hadimpro provides can vary enormously, from just several hour's consulting time on a specific issue to a project that requires us to manage your project from start to finish.

Project management at Hadimpro

Project management at Hadimpro
  • We usually assign a Hadimpro project manager, who functions as the primary interface with the client, facilitating efficient interactions
  • It is the role of our project manager to ensure that your ongoing requirements are met as expediently as possible
  • It is also the role of the project manager to assign specific tasks to the most suitably qualified members of our team
  • Reality is that things don't always go according to plan. In such instances, if the client has concerns on progress of a project, then it is the responsibility of the project manager at Hadimpro to ensure that any concerns are addressed and resolved
Working with Hadimpro

With a permanent team of professionals, supported by our recruitment and manpower services, we have the means to address unexpected issues that may arise during a project and to cover a significant change in the size of a project. The key to our success is always the use of all our specialists, all over the world, in an integrated way, where suitable, qualified and experienced members are part of our team. Our approach is characterized by enthusiasm, personal involvement and the willingness to take responsibility for the implementation and implementation of our advice.

  • Lifting


    Lifting is an activity during which the load is lifted in a controlled and guided manner, normally spoken from the bottom of the load, e.g. by means of a Fork Lift Truck, screw jack, rack jack, hydraulic jack, toe jack, lifting bag, etc.

  • Rigging


    Moving a load horizontally, vertically or at other angles and possibly through different floor levels, by use of different lifting and hoisting equipment. Lifting and hoisting equipment being divided in lifting and hoisting appliances versus lifting and hoisting accessories.

  • Hoisting


    Hoisting is an activity during which the load is suspended and hangs freely, e.g. by means of one or more crane, chain hoist, lever hoist, hoisting portal, beam clamp, winch, floating sheer leg, strand jack hoisting system, etc.

  • Specialized transport

    Specialized transport

    Transport of heavy, abnormal and oversized objects by means of specialised transport equipment such as Self Propelled Modular Transporters (so-called SPMT), conventional modular and multi axle transporters, skidding techniques, heavy industrial roller sets and heavy duty roller skates based on endless chain techniques.